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What is a Pet Insurance?

Pet insurance is exactly what health insurance is for humans. Pet insurance is an insurance policy that is customized to cover the veterinary expenses of your dog.

A pet without insurance can be expensive to maintain overall health and well-being these days. So, pet insurance ensures that you don’t face any financial crunch and your pet dog continues to be your number one priority! 🐶

Why would you need Pet Insurance?

Ensure Best Health

To make sure your pet dog gets the best treatment and health-care whenever required.

Save your money

Veterinary expenses can be very heavy on your budget and saving. A pet insurance ensures you never have to choose between your pet or your savings and ensures your pet dog is always covered.

Avoid the avoidable

We know you take utmost care of your pet, but we can't avoid any accidents and a pet insurance always there to cover you pet's health.

What does pet insurance cover?

Hospitalisation Cover

Veterinary bills and medical treatments can be unpredictable and expensive. To avoid unwanted major expenses, many pet parents choose to buy pet insurance.

Surgery Expenses

Pet insurance ensures your dog will be covered in the unfortunate event of an accident, emergency, illness or surgical expenses incurred by you for treatment of your dog.

common illness cover

Common Illness

From the sniffles to skin issues and everything in between.

Accidents and Emergencies

Accidents and Emergencies

Here for you when the unpredictable happens.

Wellness and Preventative Care

Surgery and Hospitalization cover

Optional coverage toward the cost of yearly surgery, diagnostic tests, & more.

Cancer cover

OPD Cover

Your pet deserves a fighting chance. We'll help with OPD cover and more for treatment of specific illnesses by vet.

>Hereditary and Congenital Disorders cover

Hereditary and Congenital Disorders

Like us, pets have unique health histories. Pet insurance can help you afford covered treatments for illnesses your pet inherits.

Chronic Conditions cover

Chronic Conditions

Ongoing care can add up. Insurance covers conditions that aren't pre-existing for the life of your pet.

What else is covered

What else
is covered?

Mortality Benefit Cover

Terminal Diseases Cover

Long Term Care Cover

Third party liability cover

Theft/Lost/Straying Cover

Pet Insurance Makes a Big Difference

Fast claims process, so you and your fur baby can get back to play time

Pet Insurance Makes a Big Difference
Pet Insurance Makes a Big Difference

What is not covered?

Accidental Injury to working dogs and volunteer dogs
Fees for experimental procedures/alternate treatments
Accidents occurring and/or disease contracted prior to commencement of risk
Cloned Pets or Cloning Procedures
Cosmetic Surgery
Medication or treatment not recommended by a Vet

I am glad that I got an Insurance Policy for Moko. Now I am stress-free about his health and at the same time I can take proper care of my lovy duby.
Ankita Khapse

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Ankita Khapse in Pune, India
pet insurance benefits

Benefits of a Pet Insurance?

Cover expensive treatment expenses

Stay stress-free and financially secure

All India health coverage for your beloved pet

Ensure best treatment for your pet whenever required

Small investment today can save a lot more in the future

Insurance can be confusing. At ThePetNest, we’re all about making the process simple and seamless.

Pet insurance allows pet parents access to the best medical care for their dog, regardless of budget. It’s a dog health care policy that reimburses you for certain medical costs and veterinary bills related to accidents, emergencies, and illnesses. The specific services and treatments covered vary depending on your plan.

On an average, a basic visit to a vet could cost you around Rs 700 to Rs 1,200. Vet expenses also depends on the type, age and breed of your pet. You could also book online vet consultation which would cost less.

Pet Insurance covers almost all pets in Indian households such as dogs, puppies.

Pet vaccination entirely depends on the plan you choose.

You can buy the plan through the insurance company of your choice by visiting You can compare different plans depending on your pet's type, age and breed, and pick the one that suits your pet's needs.

Depending on the your pet's breed, age and size, your premium amount will vary. Pet Insurance policy cost also depends on pet's health and the sum insured you want to opt for your pet.

Range of illnesses that are covered under pet insurance are-

  • Surgery Expenses
  • Death due to accident or diseases
  • Hospitalization cover
  • OPD Cover