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Your Pet Relocation Journey With ThePetNest

Fill your pet details so we can select the best relocation expert for your pet's needs.
Once an expert has been selected for you based on your pet details, We’ll start with all the paperwork and keep you informed all the way.
Visit a vet to receive all that is needed for your pet’s journey to ensure safety of your pet while relocating.
Home Pickup and then transportation to airport and airline check-in – Our experts are with your pet all the way to ensure safe travel.

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Relocating our dog to USA and back to India with ThePetNest was an outstanding experience.
Himani Pandey

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Himani Pandey in Bangalore, India

Why Choose ThePetNest?

We strictly adhere to all regulations to ensure the safety of your pet and stress-free travel

We handle all the paperwork so that you can relocate your pet hassle-free

Pallet build-up, dedicated handling, and ramp transport by specially trained staff

Our dedicated experts provide full support while your fur baby is traveling

We provide online vet consultation to ensure the good health of your pet

Airline travel is safe for pets that are healthy and consulted by their veterinarian to be fit-to-fly. According to DoT statistics, 26 animals suffered fatalities while being transported on planes in 2016, a rate of 0.5 per 10,000 animals transported.

Most airlines require pets to travel as manifest cargo i.e. in the hold of the plane. The terminology conjures up images of treating them as mere luggage but this is not the case. Every pet flies in an oxygenated, temperature-controlled, and pressurized environment, just like in the normal passenger cabin. International Air Transport Association - Live Animals Regulations are the leading standards for transporting pets on commercial airlines, and their main objective is to ensure that all pets are carried safely and humanely by air. These regulations include up-to-date airline and government rules about the transport of live pets, requirements on marking & labeling, handling, information on the necessary documentation needed when carrying live pets, and comprehensive classification of thousands of pets species along with the container specifications required for their travel. Some airlines will allow some pets to travel in the normal passenger cabin, but rules vary widely between airlines and destinations.

Sedation can be dangerous for any pet traveling by air, due to the increased effects at altitude. The Veterinary Medical Association recommends that pets should not be tranquilized for air travel because it can increase respiratory risks and heart problems. Most airlines require you to declare that your pet has not been sedated prior to travel.

Most airlines have policies to ensure your pet travels when temperature conditions are safest and best suited for pets. All pets including snub-nosed pets travel better when temperatures are at or below 24℃ or 75℉. However, we understand that this is not always going to be possible in some climates. Some precautions airline takes is transporting your pet in the early morning or late evening when the temperature conditions are lower.

Acclimatize your pet to their sky kennel several weeks before relocating. This approach is to help minimize any anxiety or stress your pet might feel on the day of travel.

Take your pet to ThePetNest veterinarian a week before travel for a clean bill of health.

Confine your pet in a single room or small area of your house for several days after arrival with his toys and familiar bedding.

Avoiding exercise, over-feeding, and rapid water intake when your pet arrives home is essential because it can lead to health issues like tummy upsets and bloat, especially in deep-chested dog breeds.