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Billion-dollar market

Market is expected to grow at 14% annually to become a $490 million market by 2022.

Billion-dollar Pet Services Industry

The pet service industry has seen remarkable growth year over year, with pet parents spending more on pet‑related services.

Millions of pet adoptions happening each year.

Approximately 900 million dogs and 800 million cats as pets globally.

Recession Resistant Business.

It's a predictable business that is stable and recession proof.

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Welcome Pet - loving entrepreneurs! We are pawsitively excited about your interest in our industry-leading pet care franchise opportunity. Whether you are a pet parent yourself or simply love pets, we'd like to give you the chance to join ThePetNest in franchising. As a leader in indian petcare market, you'll be offering services that benefit you and both your pet parents and four-legged clients.

ThePetNest is a premier pet care facility that puts the needs of pets and their loving parents first. All services are provided by highly skilled Certified pet professionals who are trained in pet care services .we also provide franchise owners with excellent tools needed to thrive in this fast-growing Billion-dollar pet care industry. Our revenue streams include:

Pet Grooming Franchise
Pet Grooming
Dog Training Franchise
Dog Training
Vet Services Franchise
Vet Services
Dog Walking Franchise
Dog Walking
Pet Boarding Franchise
Pet Boarding
Pet Grooming Academy Franchise
Pet Grooming Academy
Reasons for ThePetNest Franchise

Top 4 reasons you'll love owning ThePetNest Franchise


The demand has never been higher, and the timing has never been better to own a ThePetNest franchise, a company with a proven reputation of excellence among pet parents.


Up to 70% of sales comes from consistent, recurring revenue.


Multiple revenue streams which allows you to cross-sell services—such as offering dog grooming to clients with dog walking, boarding or vice versa—to bolster your overall business growth.


Our team brings decades of experience in pet care operations, business ownership, marketing, and client support. Our collaborative approach guides you through franchising the ThePetNest way.

Step by Step Franchise PAW-CESS

Initial Qualification for Franchise

Initial Qualification

Discuss financial requirements, time frames and Location

Exploration Process for Franchise

Exploration Process

Get answers to your question by conducting through research

Meet ThePetNest Team for Franchise

Meet ThePetNest Team

Meet the leadership team at corporate headquarter

Franchise approval and on-boarding

Franchise approval and on-boarding

Welcome to ThePetNest Family

Indian PetCare Industry ThePetNest Franchise

Be a Part of Billion Dollar Indian and Global PetCare Industry

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ThePetNest is India's leading pet care service provider, experiencing impressive growth fuelled by the demand for our brand, flexibility of our model and availability of prime territories. ThePetNest has visibility in more than 34+ cities across India and worldwide.

The pet industry represents a robust and growing sector, making it an attractive option for entrepreneurs both in India and worldwide. Here’s why:

Increasing Pet Ownership: Globally, there has been a significant increase in pet ownership, with pets often being considered as family members. This trend is mirrored in India, where changing lifestyles, rising disposable incomes, and the humanization of pets have led to a surge in pet adoption.
Diverse Consumer Needs: The expansion in pet ownership has led to a diversified demand for pet products and services. From premium pet foods to luxury grooming services, pet owners are seeking a variety of high-quality options for their pets, creating numerous business opportunities.
Recession-Resistant Nature: Historically, the pet industry has shown resilience during economic downturns. Pets require care regardless of economic conditions, ensuring a steady demand for pet care products and services.
Innovation and Expansion: The sector is ripe for innovation, with new products and services continually being developed, such as tech-driven solutions for pet care, specialized pet foods, and more. This constant evolution invites creativity and new business ideas.
Global Opportunities: The pet industry's global nature allows for expansion beyond local markets. With pet ownership rising in many countries, businesses can reach international markets, either by exporting products or franchising services.

Choosing to open a pet store taps into these trends, offering a business that not only has a strong growth potential but also connects deeply with customers' lifestyles and their pets’ needs. Whether in India’s bustling cities or in diverse international markets, the pet industry provides a promising arena for entrepreneurs.

Premium markets are accessible in all major cities of India including Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Hyderabad,
as well as in many countries globally such as the United States, Europe, UAE, Australia, and New Zealand.

If you are interested in learning more about this exciting pet store franchise opportunity, please complete the information request form at the top of this page and our Franchise Team will take it over from there.

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