10 Interactive dog toys to keep your fur baby entertained indoors

Dogs love to play! Whether they are just 2-month-old puppies or 2-year-old adult dogs, they love playing. Though being a responsible dog parent, you try everything to keep them entertained by taking them for walks, playing in the park, or giving them favorite treats. However, they still need plenty of exercise and opportunities to entertain themselves even when they are indoors. Especially if you have a high-energy dog living in an apartment, you will need a lot of ways to keep their energy levels constrained and provide them with perfect mental and physical stimulation.

What to do? How to keep your dogs entertained and busy while staying indoors? By introducing them to interactive dog toys!

Yes, this is the best way for dog parents to keep their pups entertained indoors while they can concentrate on their regular activities. In this post, we have shared the list of the 10 best interactive dog toys to keep your fur baby entertained indoors. Also, to keep it simple for you, we have curated this list of dog toys that can be easily available in the market or you can even buy them online. Here we go:

Wobble Wag for Small, Medium and Large Breeds

It’s an interesting dog toy for small to big breeds of all ages and sizes. This can be used for both indoor and outdoor activities. This toy helps to engage your pup to play whenever the noise comes. It doesn’t require any battery and is safe to use. The giggling sound of this toy engages your pet’s instinct and curiosity to play and keeps them active and entertained. With this toy, they would love you to do the fetching, shaking, and rolling the ball as well. 

Squawking Chicken Rubber Squeeze Dog Toy

Who doesn’t love chicken? The hilarious sound of this toy gives your pup countless hours of entertainment. It’s a perfect dog toy to play alone and keep your fur baby occupied and entertained. It’s safe to use as it’s made of durable latex which is BPA-free, non-toxic, and bright yellow. It’s also one of the best interactive dog toys for small breeds. The chicken toy never gets boring. Everyone loves it, small, medium, or large breeds. And, even kids!

The Bear Soft Squeaky Plush Dog Toy

It’s the best cuddle toy if your dog loves to cuddle and sleep a lot. It’s a stuffed plush toy with durable stitching with an extra layer of fabric. The toy has a squeaker inside that generates noises to make your pup excited and engaged. It’s an ideal dog toy for small breeds who weigh less than 20kg. However, some large breeds also love to have such a squishy toy with them. 

Cotton Rope Toy Combos

This is the best interactive dog toy for large breeds who love to tear and wear everything. It’s a great combo of dog rope toys such as single carrot, corn stick, knot dumbbell, and more. This combo meets your dog’s daily needs to chew stuff and stay entertained. The dog toys are of good quality and made of thick and tight cotton ropes with non-toxic and durable material. The chew toy will give relief to your dog’s teeth and keep them healthy. It’s one of the most recommended dog toys to keep your dog busy.

Natural Rubber Spiked Ball Dog Chew Toy

It’s the best toy for indoors especially when your puppy is teething. It’s a non-toxic rubber dog chew toy made of natural rubber i.e. is 100% safe for your puppies of all breeds. This is an indestructible dog chew toy that will entertain your pup for hours and help to stay calm. It satisfies the natural urge to chew for hours and keeps them busy. It also helps to reduce anxiety and stops them from destroying your furniture, clothes, shoes, or other stuff. 

Interactive Non-Toxic Nylon Arched Bone for Dogs and Puppies

It’s one of the best dog toys in India to keep your dog entertained and super healthy. How? Dogs love to chew anything they see and chewing this toy helps to remove plaque and tartar from their teeth. Hence, it reduces the breeding of bacteria and freshens the breath. It keeps the teeth super clean and massages gum. This indoor toy is suitable for puppies and adult dogs of all breeds. It’s safe, durable, resistant to bite, and environmentally friendly. Giving this toy to your dog will help you save your furniture, clothes, and shoes. 

Cooling Toy for Dog Indoor and Outdoor Playing

It’s a perfect toy for dogs to keep their molar and teeth super clean, relieving pressure and boredom. The pet cooling toy is designed to keep dogs super cool and reduce heat on summer days with persistent freezing. To keep them more comfortable and excited, you can fill in dog treats which will fall during playing and keep the players interested. It’s lightweight and made of good quality material. 

Food Dispensing Dog Toy Ball

How about adding yummy fun while playing? Dogs get excited when they get to play and eat. With this interactive dog toy, your pup can do both. Yes, it's a fun dispensing toy to keep your dog mentally and physically stimulated. Instead of feeding dog treats directly, you can add your pup’s favorite treats in this food-dispensing dog toy ball and let the fun begin. This toy will be like a treasure hunt for your dog that will keep your little friend busy and entertained.  

Dancing Fish Dog Toy

Dogs also love fish, especially dancing fish! Yes, the electric dancing fish can move and wiggle automatically which keeps your dog excited and playing. It’s quite like a plush toy with movements that help dogs to relieve anxiety, stress, and boredom. Made of soft cloth, the toy is tough and bite-resistant. It makes every pounce and chewing carefree. The wiggle fish is chargeable and harmless. The dogfish toy is designed in a way to make your dog feel like it's a real fish. Though, at first, introduce this toy to your dog without turning the power on. Once your dog gets friendly, then your dog will love it.

Chu The Bone Dog Toy

Another interactive dog toy that is loved by all dogs is a bone! It’s a durable dog chew toy that is quite gentle on your dog’s teeth and gum. It’s a washable toy product with a vanilla scent and acts like a treat dispensing toy that even holds dog treats and foods. Ideally, it's recommended to freeze this dog toy for maximum playtime. It’s made of natural rubber and exclusively designed for aggressive chewers. 

Sum up…

Like babies, your dogs love to play but they look for their dog parents for the same. Being occupied with a hectic schedule, it’s not possible to take your dog every time out for a walk or play with them. Hence, such indoor interactive dog toys help to keep them entertained and calm. The shared list of dog toys is completely safe for your fur friends. Also, if your dog is reluctant to go outside and requests to play with you irrespective of your tight schedule, hire a dog walker and let your dog have the most of the time.