How to make your dog happy-go-lucky?

It's a universal thing that all your dog wants is YOU, only you! Your dog craves your attention and does several cute things to get it. No doubt about that! Certainly, there are other things, apart from your love, that would make your dog go crazy. And, here crazy means happy-go-lucky. 

Dogs express their emotions in many ways. Like Golden Retrievers, some dogs express themselves with a cute smile and wagging their tails or some like pugs, just sit with you calmly by keeping their chin on your body. Their ways might differ, but their actions say only one thing - that they love you, unconditionally! 

Similarly, being a dog parent, you love them too and can understand what they are going through or how they feel, happy or sad. When they are happy, you just don’t need to do anything, they would express it in the best way possible. However, when they are sad, there are many things you ought to do to make them happy. What are these things?

In this post, we’ve shared a few tips that would make your dog happy-go-lucky, just like that. Here we go!

Praise your dog with some love and tasty treats

The best way to melt your dogs is to say how good they are and treat them with a treat. Dog parents should know that their dogs love to hear how much you love them, again and again. Whether you say them a thousand times daily, they would react the same way every time.

Hence, this is the easiest way to make them happy by telling them how much you love them with a treat. And while doing it, make sure you give them a healthy treat. Because you can’t compromise their health as well. Sometimes, they might ask for the treats several times a day. Hence, always go for the healthiest treat that would keep them happy and healthy. 

Some suggestions:

Meat Up Chicken Flavour Dog Biscuit 

About this item

  • Made with real chicken
  • Crunchy texture helps remove plaque build-up
  • Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids that help in building a lustrous coat
  • No added colour or flavours
  • Vitamins and minerals to keep dogs at their best

Pedigree Jumbone Mini Dog Treat Bone

About this item

  • Comes with Vitamins and minerals to help support natural defences and keep bones strong
  • Omega 3 to help keep them fit for life
  • Mouth-watering and healthy chicken & lamb flavour that your furry friend loves definitely
  • Recommended and contains no artificial colours or flavours

Purepet Chicken Flavour Dog Treats 

About this item

  • A worthy treat with carefully sourced ingredients
  • These biscuit helps to remove plaque and reduce tartar buildup and bad breath
  • Promotes healthy skin and a lustrous coat
  • Fortified with Vitamins and Minerals helps to keep your pet active and healthy
  • Dog biscuits are available in delightful flavours i.e. 100% Veg, Chicken, Mutton and Milk

Take your dog for a long walk

A dog is always down for a walk. Name any dog who won’t get excited when you call for a walk. Dogs love walking with their parents. Or they just love walking. Taking your dog for a walk is the best way to express your love and care. However, there are times when you get stuck in your busy schedule and are not able to take your pooch for a walk. This really makes them sad.

If somehow you are not able to take your dog for a walk, you can book a dog walker instead. Yes, today it’s easy to provide unconditional love and care to your pet. There is a specialized team of dog walkers in every city who can take your dog for a walk at the scheduled time and make sure your dog gets every attention it needs.

So, next time you are too busy to take your dog for a long walk, just go to The PetNest, book a dog walker at your preferred time, and relax. We bet it will be the best treatment for your fur buddy. 

Keep them busy with toys

Dogs love playing with new things, especially toys. The ideal way to keep your dog happy and playfully busy is by offering them a lot of toys. Dogs love to play with sticks and toys. This can be a great way if you love to spoil them. You can also teach your dog the names of their toys. Yes, it may sound hard but it's easy. It can be a great activity to divert their attention and teach them new things.

While telling them to fetch, tell your dog to fetch the specific toy by name. And, once it does, give lots of praise. Once your dog gets used to it, see if your dog can pick out the toy by name out of a pile of toys or not. There are several toys that you can buy for your pet. If you need some suggestions, you can go for:

Interactive Dog Toy, a tug-of-war Rope with a Teeth-Cleaning Ball and a Suction Cup 

About this item

  • The best toy to keep your beloved dog occupied for hours and avoid boredom that helps to ease anxiety, happy and healthy.
  • A treat-dispensing ball with bells so your dogs may play by themselves for hours while decreasing aggressive chewing and biting.
  • The rubber ball has a textured shape for biting the molars and helps promote good dental hygiene by removing plaque, tartar, or food, freshening the breath, and supporting healthy teeth.
  • This unique dog ball treats and allows your dog to figure out how to get them out and develop both your dog’s brain and sense of smell.

Meat Up Non-Toxic Rubber Dog Chew Bone Toy

About this item

  • Flexible & non-toxic rubber chew toy
  • Improves dental health
  • Super durable, almost indestructible and long-lasting
  • Encourages non-destructive chewing
  • Suitable for playing, training and improves agility in your pet

Your Buddy - Beer Bottle Dog Toy - Plush Squeaky Dog Toy

About this item

  • Never drink alone again. Enjoy your drinks with your furry friend.
  • Your Pup's favourite new squeaky dog toys! 
  • 25cm stuffed dog toy for dogs of all sizes.
  • Easy Squeaky Stuffed toy

Give them a doggie massage

Who doesn’t love massages? Name any dog who doesn’t want belly rubs, cheek pulling and body massages. Giving your dog massages is enriching for owner and dog alike. A nice massage always helps in soothing and relaxing your dog any time of the day. It’s the best way to calm your dog and give unconditional love. Especially if you have an old dog with arthritis, a smooth massage helps in soothing sore and achy muscles and joints. 

Giving a massage to your dog reduces anxiety, improves circulation, relieves stress and creates a valuable bond between you and your dog. However, you need to understand you just can’t press any point while massaging your dog. Hence, learn how to massage your dog. If you can’t, you can appoint a dog massager from any dog groomer centre near you to give approved massages as per your dog's needs. So, don’t wait! Book a dog groomer or massager near you and give the ultimate pleasure to your dog and make your dog happy. 

It's not the end…

There are several ways to make your dog happy-go-lucky. The list is limitless. Above all, your dog needs your love and attention at its best. You might not be able to give them attention 24/7 but try to create moments for your pet to keep them calm and happy. You might have a lot of people in your life but your dog only has you. So cherish it!