Why does your dog need vitamin supplements? 10 Best Dog Supplements

Giving a balanced diet to your dog doesn’t mean you are providing all the necessary nutrients. Whether you are a human being or an animal, you need high-quality multivitamins in your regular diet to stay healthy. 

Hence, to overcome your nutritious needs, what do you do? You take multivitamin tablets, right? Similarly, adding vitamin supplements to your pup’s daily routine is necessary to keep your dog healthy. 

Like us, they also need a completely balanced intake of vitamins and minerals to meet their daily nutritional needs. However, there are many dog lovers out there who have different opinions on this. They believe if they are providing the best dog food to their fur friends, they are providing everything. But that’s not true!

In this post, we are discussing why your dogs need multivitamin supplements and what are the best vet-recommended supplements for dogs that you can give to your pet to meet their nutritional needs. Here we go:

Why do dogs need vitamins and minerals?  

Like humans, dogs also need to have multivitamin tablets throughout their lives for various reasons. The role of vitamins and minerals is to support the growth and development of an individual. Similarly, in dogs' growth and development, vitamins and minerals play a major role.  It keeps them healthy and helps dogs to grow with comfort and dignity. However, the requirement of having vitamins differs as per the dog breed depending on their age and health.  

Hence, being a responsible dog parent, you must provide a balance of essential nutrients to dogs for their supreme growth by giving them vitamin supplements. 

Any type of vitamin and mineral deficiency can cause several health-related problems for your dogs. For instance, some dogs feel pain while running or twist their legs every time they run or walk. This generally happens when they have a deficiency of calcium and Vitamin D. Sometimes your pup feels low energy or fatigue which happens due to the deficiency of Vitamin B12. Thus, instead of ignoring or waiting for something major to happen, providing them with a regular intake of multivitamins can keep your dog fit and happy. 

Now, you have understood the importance of vitamins in your pup’s life. Let’s know the 10 best multivitamin tablets for dogs for their better health. Here we go:

10 Best Supplements for Dogs in India You Need to Know

Here we present the 10 best dog supplements that you must know to keep your dog healthy and happy. 

Virbac Nutrich Tablets - Minerals and Vitamins Supplement

WOW DOG Multivitamin Tablet Dog Supplement

PETHEEDS Dog Chewable Tablets

SKYEC PETUP Pro Syrup Multi-Vitamin

PetPetals Chewable Calcium & Vitamin D3, B12 for Dogs Supplement

Beaphar Top-10 Dog Supplement

Chelsea Dog Multivitamin Tablet Dog Supplement

NUTRI-COAT Has Fatty Acids, Vitamins and Minerals Supplement

Henlo Everyday Topper

Pet Royale Dog Supplement - Protein Powder

Giving a balanced diet to your dog is not enough. It’s important to fill necessary vitamins and minerals requirements with the help of supplements. These multivitamin supplements are available in the market in various forms such as liquid, solid, and powder. These are easy to consume and give super strength to your dog. So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to make your dog super healthy and happy.