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How our in-home pet grooming works

Schedule and book grooming slot online - 7 days a week.
Pet Groomer brings all the equipment at your home.
Your Fur Baby enjoys a full salon grooming service sitting at home.
Hassle-free service - your house is clean like before.
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All Pet Groomers Pass a basic background check
All Pet groomers in Kolkata have professional experience of More than 2 Years.
Apart from the bathing area and Personal towels, your pet groomer will take care of everything--including cleanup!
All services booked in Kolkata are backed by the ThePetNest Guarantee, 24/7 Support, and our Reservation Protection.
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Spa Bath

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Cat Grooming Packages in Kolkata

Spa Bath

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See Reviews from Our Happy Pet Parents

Radhika Singh
January 02, 2021
I am very pleased as always. The groomer made my Peter look fantastic. I will surly recommend your services to my friends.
Pet Grooming Service Peter Before
Pet Grooming Service Peter After

Peter: Before and After

Yateeka Rawat
January 19, 2021
They are so kind and helpful! our baby look great. Pics say it all! I love the cuts on my Rocky. Thanks so much
Pet Grooming Service Yateeka Before
Pet Grooming Service Yateeka After

Rocky: Before and After

Vikas Thakur
August 30, 2020
I absolutely loved the way these guys were with my lad, there wasn't even a hint of discomfort. They were really good at their jobs, friendly and professional.
Pet Grooming Service Vikas Before
Pet Grooming Service Vikas After

Zoro: Before and After

April 01, 2021
Great services! The pets really seem to enjoy their time out here. Highly recommend it to all of you out there looking for good grooming services for your pets.
Pet Grooming Service Nidhi Before
Pet Grooming Service Nidhi After

Oscar: Before and After

Vedita Soam
January 18, 2021
They give the best pet grooming services in noida! my baby casper had an amazing time with the groomer ! he enjoyed the whole session ! thanku so much ❤️
Pet Grooming Service Vedita Before
Pet Grooming Service Vedita After

Casper: Before and After

Book Pet Grooming service at Home in Kolkata

We’re the treat your pet like family, we are pet people. Keeping your pet healthy and Hygenic is our responsibility, With ThePetNest your pet gets a grooming session in the comfort of home. Plus, a bath with medicated shampoo, brush out, blow dry, ear cleaning, Sanitary clipping and anti-fleas treatment to complete their spa experience. you can book cat grooming and dog grooming service at home. Whether You live in Alipore, Golf Green, Park Street or Sealdah, we Bring Pet salon to you.

ThePetNest Groomers come to your home at the scheduled appointment. They'll need:

A place to bathe your dog (sinks, balcony, or garden work for small pets, otherwise they'll need a bath or shower)
Towels (if any specific)
Top Pet Grooming Services in Kolkata: Your Ultimate Guide

Welcome, Kolkata pet owners! Are you searching for pet grooming near me or dog grooming near me in Kolkata? Look no further! Our premier pet grooming services in Kolkata are designed to cater to all your furry friend's needs. From dog clipping near me to cat grooming near me in Kolkata, we offer a comprehensive suite of services to ensure your pet looks and feels their best.

Dog Groomers Close to Me in Kolkata: Expert Care for Your Furry Friends

Finding dog groomers close to me in Kolkata has never been more convenient. Our team of skilled professionals in Kolkata is passionate about pets and offers everything from precision dog clipping near me to luxurious dog grooming at home services. We specialize in breed-specific grooming in Kolkata, including the perfect Shih Tzu haircut, ensuring your pet receives the personalized care they deserve.

Comprehensive Pet Grooming in Kolkata

Our pet grooming services in Kolkata are not just about making your pet look great. In Kolkata, we focus on their overall well-being, incorporating essential dog bathing services and dog grooming services to maintain optimal health and hygiene. Whether it’s a routine trim with our top-of-the-line dog hair trimmer or a complete grooming session, our services in Kolkata are tailored to meet the unique needs of your pet.

Dog Grooming at Home: Tips from Kolkata's Best

For pet owners interested in grooming your dog at home in Kolkata, we offer expert advice and tips to help you get started. From choosing the right dog hair trimmer to achieving a professional-grade Shih Tzu haircut, our experts in Kolkata share their knowledge to make dog grooming at home a rewarding experience for both you and your pet.

Cat and Dog Grooming Near Me: Serving All Kolkata Pets

Our services extend beyond dogs in Kolkata. If you're on the lookout for cat grooming near me in Kolkata or comprehensive dog and cat grooming near me in Kolkata, we’re here to help. Our experienced groomers in Kolkata are adept at handling both cats and dogs, ensuring a comfortable and safe grooming session for all pets.

Luxurious Dog Salon Near Me in Kolkata

Indulge your pet with a visit to our luxurious dog salon near me in Kolkata. Our full range of dog grooming services in Kolkata includes everything from spa baths to expert styling, providing your pet with a pampering experience in a serene and welcoming environment.

Kolkata's Premier Dog Bathing Service

Our dog bathing service in Kolkata goes above and beyond to ensure your pet's coat shines and their skin stays healthy. Utilizing gentle, pet-safe products, our thorough cleaning process in Kolkata not only makes your pet look great but also addresses any underlying skin issues or sensitivities.

For pet owners in Kolkata looking for the best pet grooming near me, our services offer the perfect blend of professionalism, care, and convenience. From specialized dog grooming at home assistance to luxury grooming experiences in our dog salon near me, we're committed to providing the highest standard of service for your pet in Kolkata. Schedule an appointment and discover why we're Kolkata's preferred choice for pet grooming.

Groomers bring the rest: shampoo, clippers, shears, nail trimmers, and blowers. They'll clean the spaces they use after the groom.

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